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Get your business disinfected of harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria, including COVID-19, for as little as $99 based on square footage.




At GermBlasters, we remain on the leading edge of disinfecting methods to provide our clients with top-rate service. With the introduction of superbugs like COVID-19, more than ever, our clients are looking for superior disinfecting services that treat germs and bacteria while sanitizing workplaces or facilities to keep work environments protected.

Sanitizers, like your common household cleaners, kill 99.9% of pathogens whereas, to be considered a disinfectant, must kill 99.999% of pathogens. Let’s break it down: if we start with a common amount of 10,000,000 pathogens on a surface, and we were satisfied with a 99.9% kill rate by sanitizing, there would still be at least 10,000 pathogens left behind on the surface. However, if we disinfect and kill 99.999% of the pathogens, only 100 would remain. This way you can see how big the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting truly is.

Our GermBlasters disinfecting service was designed to meet the demand and need for effective prevention, beyond standard sanitizing, for your office, bank, school, restaurant, clinic, laundromat, hotel, theatre, gym or commercial space. Using highly effective, yet safe, GermBlasters Solution, we can safely target germs such as COVID-19, the common cold, the flu and other common infections without putting your staff, clients, guests, patients or visitors at risk. This hospital-grade disinfectant is our secret weapon in preventing the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria. Our disinfecting method not only targets viruses but also treats, prevents and protects other harmful substances found in workplaces or facilities such as mould, mildew, allergens and odours.

Why Choose GermBlasters?

Our Solution:

Our GermBlasters Solution raises the bar from normal cleaning to a next level in disinfection. GermBlasters goes beyond the traditional spray and wipe method, making it a great complement to your cleaning service.

Doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

99.999% sanitization on food contact surfaces

Kills common food preparation bacteria

The renewed focus on cleaning is not going to go away. The importance of next level cleaning, prevention and protection is the new norm.

Mould and mildew killer

Safe on a wide range of high-volume touchpoints

Eliminates allergens

Our GermBlasters solution is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant proven to kill a wide range of viruses and bacteria. It is highly effective in treating, preventing and protecting against germs, such as coronavirus. We use our GermBlasters Solutions as it provides many benefits to our clients, including, but not limited to:

Eliminates odours

100% Biodegradable

No rinse required

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GermBlasters come to my business?

Yes, we come to your office or place of business to administer our solution.

Do you use an electrostatic sprayer?

Yes, we use the most advanced electrostatic spraying technology available on the market today. We use both handheld and backpack sprayers.

Is the solution in your sprayers safe?

Yes, our solution is the best hospital-grade disinfectant. It's safe for pets and humans and doesn't contain (VOCs) volatile organic compounds.

How long do we have to wait after treatment?

Our solution evaporates in minutes, meaning you can get back to work immediately.

See the Shield,Enter with Confidence.

Properly disinfecting your workplace is the first step, telling your customers you care about their safety is the second.

When you disinfect your business with GermBlasters, you can proudly display our shield to say to your customers you've taken the proper preventative measures to protect them and your team.

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